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The Office of the State Prosecuting Attorney is the voice of the people of Texas before the Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest state court for appeals resulting from criminal cases.

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The State Prosecuting Attorney’s email for service purposes is information@spa.texas.gov

Since 1923, the State Prosecuting Attorney has been charged with representing the people of Texas before the Court of Criminal Appeals, the State's highest criminal court.  The office has assumed additional responsibility over the years, as changes and improvements have been made in the criminal justice system.  The duties of the office are set out by the Texas Legislature:

  • The State Prosecuting Attorney represents the state in all proceedings before the Court of Criminal Appeals.

  • The State Prosecuting Attorney may also represent the state in any stage of a criminal case before a state court of appeals if she considers it necessary for the interest of the state.

  • The State Prosecuting Attorney may assist a district or a county attorney in representing the state before a court of appeals if requested to do so by the district or county attorney.

  • The State Prosecuting Attorney may be assisted by a district or county attorney in representing the state before the Court of Criminal Appeals.

In carrying out these duties, the State Prosecuting Attorney and two assistant State Prosecuting Attorneys keep abreast of the latest criminal law issues and review the opinions from Texas appellate courts; submit petitions, briefs and oral argument in the cases of greatest importance to the State's criminal jurisprudence; and work closely with local district and county attorneys across the State on emerging criminal law issues.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of legal advice and counsel to prosecutors and the best possible representation to the citizens of Texas.

For more information about the duties of our office, please go to  our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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Petition filed by SPA icondenotes a petition filed by SPA



“Is a prior conviction for family violence under Tex. Penal Code § 22.01(b)(2)(A) always a guilt issue simply because it can be, and often is, used as a jurisdictional element?”



1. “The court of appeals erred by concluding that a 112 day delay was presumptively prejudicial based on potential delay that had not yet occurred and by weighing the first Barker factor against ...



“Whether a defendant’s failure to admit the exact manner and means of an assault as set forth in a charging instrument is a sufficient basis to deny a jury charge on self-defense.”

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Disclaimer: The legal authorities cited in these papers was current as of the date of their distribution or publication. Because the law is in a continuous state of change, attorneys should exercise due diligence by checking the currentness and completeness of governing legal authorities (i.e., Shepardizing and Keyciting) and applicable statewide and local rules of appellate procedure.

Jones, Jordan Bartlett Brief


SPA's Brief in Ex parte Jones, No. PD-0552-18

Statutory Construction CCA 85th Leg. Update 2018


CCA Statutory Construction Update for 85th Leg. 2018

Brady & More Than Exculpatory Evidence

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Brady & More Than Exculpatory Evidence, TCDLA Innocence 2018

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