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The Office of the State Prosecuting Attorney is the voice of the people of Texas before the Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest state court for appeals resulting from criminal cases.

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Lisa C. McMinn retired December 5, 2016, and the Court has since appointed Stacey M. (Goldstein) Soule as the State Prosecuting Attorney.

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The State Prosecuting Attorney’s email for service purposes is: information@spa.texas.gov

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"In a capital case, did the two-justice panel fail to defer to the verdict, apply defunct sufficiency standards, and ignore inculpatory evidence when Appellant was the last person with the victims,...



"Is it constitutional error to prevent defense counsel from asking a question during voir dire that could give rise to a valid challenge for cause?"



1. "Does the improved shoulder of a road include the 'fog line?'"   2. "Alternatively, because the issue whether the improved shoulder includes the 'fog line' is unsettled, is there reasonable susp...

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Disclaimer: The legal authorities cited in these papers was current as of the date of their distribution or publication. Because the law is in a continuous state of change, attorneys should exercise due diligence by checking the currentness and completeness of governing legal authorities (i.e., Shepardizing and Keyciting) and applicable statewide and local rules of appellate procedure.

Habeas Corpus Filing Procedures

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Basic Writ Procedure Checklist

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Blood-Draw and Traffic Offense Decisions

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This presentation was prepared by Stacey M. Soule for the 2016 Traffic Safety Initiative Conference.

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